Current Issues

First Party Lawsuit Reform – TAMIC is working with Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) in their efforts to secure the filing and passing of a bill that will address the first party litigation abuse most Texas insurance companies have faced since 2012.  Fueled by trial lawyers who are seeking recovery of attorney’s fees in amounts far in excess of the alleged amounts in dispute, the insurance industry has been held at ransom; driving up the cost of insurance for all of our mutual members.  The challenge facing TLR and the industry is to have a bill that continues to afford protection to policyholders to assure timely payment of undisputed claims while also reducing the benefits provided attorneys under current law that encourages litigation against insures without prior notice of disputes and opportunities to cure.  TAMIC and its members companies will continue to support TLR in this effort.

Preserving the Texas Farm Mutuals – In the 2015 Texas Legislative Session bills were filed which attempted to change the laws under which our farm mutuals have operated for more than 100 years.   These bills were promoted by a non-farm mutual competitor who was attempting to use the legislative process to gain a competitive advantage.  The bills attempted to impose additional taxes and expenses on the Texas farm mutuals while maintaining the statutory requirements to which only the Texas farm mutuals are required to comply.  TAMIC was successful in fighting these bills during the last session, but we fully expect bills of this nature to continue to be filed.  TAMIC is dedicated to preserving our Texas farm mutuals and will continue to tell the farm mutual story to our legislators to ensure they understand and appreciate the vital role we serve in the Texas marketplace.

How You Can Help

Seeking out or continuing to maintain a personal relationship with the representatives for your district – state or federal – and letting them know what legislation and topics are important to you as a TAMIC member is vitally important. The more voices we have delivering a positive message about the important role farm mutuals play in the Texas marketplace, the better our opportunity to continue to serve our Texas policyholders. . Visit the Texas Legislature Online at www.capitol.state.tx.usto find out who your representatives are and how to contact them

Contributing to the TAMIC PAC is another way you can help! Secretary/Treasurer Tim McCoy is our PAC treasurer. Contributions by personal check can be made to the following address:

PO Box 389
Yoakum, TX 77995