Current Issues

Preserving the Texas Farm Mutuals – The farm mutual model in Texas is a distinct model of operation that has been in effect for over 100 years.  One farm mutual distinction is that a farm mutual insurance company is required to write a majority of its insurance in force in rural Texas.  The definition of “rural Texas” was set by the Texas legislature in 1973 utilizing a population number that has become extremely outdated.  Since 1973, the demographics of Texas have vastly changed with strong population growth and population migration to the urban areas of the state.  As populations grow, towns that used to be rural become urban under the old definition, and the market within which farm mutuals operate will decline.  Although a bill aimed at modernizing the “rural Texas” population definition did not pass during the previous session, the bill was supported by numerous legislators.  As we embark on the 87th Legislative Session which began on January 12, 2021,  TAMIC’s efforts to modernize the “rural Texas” definition will continue as well as TAMIC’s dedication to preserving Texas farm mutuals by continuing to tell the farm mutual story to legislators to ensure they understand and appreciate the vital role we serve in the Texas marketplace.

How You Can Help

Seeking out or continuing to maintain a personal relationship with the representatives for your district – state or federal – and letting them know what legislation and topics are important to you as a TAMIC member is vitally important. The more voices we have delivering a positive message about the important role farm mutuals play in the Texas marketplace, the better our opportunity to continue to serve our Texas policyholders. Visit the Texas Legislature Online at www.capitol.state.tx.usto find out who your representatives are and how to contact them

Contributing to the TAMIC PAC is another way you can help! Secretary/Treasurer Tim McCoy is our PAC treasurer. Contributions by personal check can be made to the following address:

PO Box 389
Yoakum, TX 77995